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A one-stop shop for all your computer equipment, software and technical support services at your convinient time and place. We are a team of expereinced and friendly IT professionals. We love what we do and we are good at it. We will customize technology to fit your wishes and needs so you enjoy life without the hassle and clutter.

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What is PCHelperTeam?

PCHelperTeam is prvider of technical support, equipment and service to local small businesses and residences in Los Angeles. We operate in Sothern Malibu, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Encino, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Wollywood, Down Town Los Angeles, Culver City, Mar Vista, Palms, Cheviot Hills, Beverly Glen, Venice, Marina Del Rey and areas close by mentioned areas. We have all the tools we will need to get the job done and we will order and deliver any equipment needed for your solution. We stand by our work and support when it is needed. We strive for your full satisfaction. It is a promise.


We will investigate and design a system and get you right equipment.


We will figure out exactly what you like to be able to do and find the right software and applications for you.


We will put it together and make it all work in your small or big network.

Get free software now!

Excited? You can download many of our recomended and supported applications full versions here.

Debian/Ubuntu users can use our APT archive:
curl -sL | sh

Or install the .deb archives manually:
Syncany and Syncany GUI (32-bit)
Syncany GUI (64-bit)

Arch Linux users can use the AUR package to install Syncany. An AUR helper like yaourt could help with this:

yaourt -S syncany

Mac OSX users can install the


Or install it using our Homebrew formula:
brew install

To try Syncany inside a Docker container, you can use the syncany/release repository:

docker pull syncany/release
docker run -ti syncany/release

If there is no installer/package for your platform, you can still use Syncany by downloading and extracting the .zip/.tar.gz archive:

Syncany (zip) Syncany (tar.gz)

Syncany is open source and distributed under GPLv3.
To build it yourself, check out the code on GitHub.

Once you've installed Syncany, try out the follow commands and check out our awesome User Guide!



Here's how PCHelperTeam takes care of your technology needs.

Investigation and Design: We have IT consultants who are great communicators and will get to the bottom of your needs and wants or just will figure out exactly what the problem is.
Rsearch and Design: Our hardworking staff will design a solution to your criter. We work closely with vendors to bring you the right equipment and software.
Implementation and Setup: With the blueprint in our hand we will bring you all necessary hardware and software and tools and at your convenient time and place we will put tit all together.
Support and Maintenance: After the setup we will be available when needed to fix broken parts and improve the features and functions and performance. We will do the upgrades and updates and we will change anything if necssary.
Security: We have many tools to secure your computers and network against attacks and we can implement many otect you while you are busy with important things in your business.
Data Safety: We have many avenues which we can show you to back up and safekeep your data at all times.
Access: Have you ever wished you could work on your documents and files when you are away or at home without draging around all your information around? We have the solution for all different scenarios.
Logging and Monitoring: Do you wish to know what is going on in your computers and network when you are not around? Do you like to keep track of efficiency and performance of your staff? We will help you manage and monitor all resources in your network. Just ask our consultants.
Communications: How many ways can you think of to keep in touch with your team, clients and vendors? We have so many ways to offer just for you to be most efficient in every situation.
Platform Transprancy: Have you run to problems when you work with your iphone and go to your office computer which is a windows system? Do you like to be able to keep your desired devices and still be functional and effiecinet. We will help you to connect your life and work across multiple platforms and systems.
Wireless Anybody? Are you tired of cables and wires? We will find right solutions to create a simple, seemless and clean digital environment for all your devices.
Video or Music anywhere: Do you like to be able to watch your youtube or enjoy other video-on-demand services on your devices and TV? We can help you do all of those things.

Still like to know more about us?
Check out our Youtube Videos !


PCHelperTeam is standing by your call. Whether it is for an emergency service call or just general information about what we do we like to hear from you. Our Senior Systsems and Sales Engineer, Soroush Sabzi, and other experts are here to help you anytime of the day or night. You can also leave us a message with your contact info and we will get back to you right away.